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Onwards and Upwards

Equipped with coffee and fresh air, we’re busy planning and branching out across the world with our Lipa Consuls, who represent us in numerous countries. We’ve got many new apps in production, and as always, we’re looking to collaborate with bloggers & reviewers who want to take part in spreading the word about Lipa’s mission.

  • Award Nominations and More at White Nights

    Award Nominations and More at White Nights

    A two-day event held in Prague, White Nights attracts influential game industry professionals and developers from around the globe – including Lipa!

    February 2017

    White Nights offers 1000+ attendees, 70+ exhibition booths, and 50+ speakers who provide great insights and strategies. For Lipa, the main goals were brand awareness, research of the latest trends, and developing business contacts. We achieved all of that and more, with 3 of our apps nominated for the Indie Game Cup award – including our freshly-made interactive book, Lipa Planets. Among the many visitors to our booth were representatives from Apple and National Geographic, opening new doors for our future. Read more

  • Giving Expert Advice at Casual Connect 2017

    Giving Expert Advice at Casual Connect 2017

    Lipa’s Executive Director joins a panel discussing how to overcome the “One Tough Playground” of the children’s media industry.

    February 2017

    Taking place in Berlin on February 7-9, Casual Connect hosts leaders in both established and upcoming game industry markets. Among the speakers are representatives from Google, Facebook, and Zynga, which goes to show this event will be flooded with experts--including our own Executive Director, Martin Schejbal, who was invited to join an expert panel discussion on the 7th at 1:00 PM. The discussion will be with fellow children’s media companies KIDOZ, Hasbro, Tiny Labs, and My Town Games and will cover the issues surrounding monetization of children’s games and applications. Read more

  • Lipa Branches Out With New Brno Office

    Lipa Branches Out With New Brno Office

    Starting January 1, 2017, Lipa’s sparkling new branch office in Brno is officially open for business!

    January 2017

    Under the leadership of manager Lenka Fialová, Lipa’s new development team have started work at our office located in Brno Impact Hub, Cyrilská 7, 602 00 Brno-Center. There we’ll be creating new products and growing a whole new team dedicated to preschool development. The Impact Hub is a perfect place to make our new home, as an international center of innovative and socially responsible ideas, and boasts a network of offices worldwide. We look forward to taking part in many great events, training courses, workshops, and other business activities happening in the Brno Hub. Read more

  • Transforming education at Bett Show!

    Transforming education at Bett Show!

    January 25, we’re heading to London for Bett Show, to show our part in bringing in the latest technology to the world of education.

    January 2017

    The Bett show is Europe’s largest education conference and is the first industry show of each year. Last year, they had over 34,000 educators in attendance from over 130 countries. Their mission is to create a better future by transforming education, and they use the conference as a catalyst for this goal. Lipa is a strong believer in this goal, so it’s only natural that we’ll be there for the whole fair, in full force, stand in hand at stall B205. We’ll be showing each visitor that comes all about our upcoming releases and the splash we plan to make for the upcoming year. Read more

  • Envisioning the Future of Edu Tech

    Envisioning the Future of Edu Tech

    We ventured back to China for the 17th annual Hi-tech Fair to show how we're innovating education technology.

    November 2016

    CHTF offers the latest technological advances by bringing together companies who are creating new innovations in their fields. Among them are energy conservation, information technologies, biology, and manufacturing – and Lipa was there to represent the leaps in recent educational technology, and how we will use it in the future. We joined our China-based team members in Shenzhen for this enormous, innovation-packed fair for six days of exhibitions and forums. Read more

  • Developers Repeat History at GDS

    Developers Repeat History at GDS

    Game Developers’ Session keeps history alive with the longest tradition of game design conferences in Europe.

    November 2016

    The GDS is the oldest games’ conference in Europe and is keeping the tradition alive in Prague year after year, bringing together game developers to share recent trends. It was again held on November 4th and 5th at the beautiful National House of Vinohrady. We were delighted to have our own table and present Lipa’s amazing upcoming plans. In addition, Lipa’s very own Pavel Pilař presented our latest developments, sharing with other developers the excitement of our own GLA multi-platform plug-in for the Unity 3D engine. Read more

  • Childhood Experts Unite at NAEYC!

    Childhood Experts Unite at NAEYC!

    NAEYC is the largest gathering of early childhood experts in the world – the perfect spot for us to show what we do.

    November 2016

    Early years are the most important in a child's life, and NAEYC (the National Association for the Education of Young Children) is a global expo made to promote exactly that. Full of fascinating sessions, networking opportunities, and special events, NAEYC was held in L.A. this year and we flew our educational experts over to present all the great innovations we're working on, like our app for parents and teachers that offers daily activities and lesson plans. Cheers to childhood! Read more

  • EDU Inspiration at tesSEN Show

    EDU Inspiration at tesSEN Show

    Lipa’s team headed to the tesSEN show in London to discover new innovations about special education.

    October 2016

    The tesSEN conference has been held for 24 years and was this year on the 7th and 8th of October. The conference inspires special educational needs professionals by offering workshops, networking, and over 200 exhibitors with an enormous amount of experience in the field. Lipa’s own educational experts, Jitka Fortikova and Itziar Madera, attended the conference. Read more

  • Making Connections in California

    Making Connections in California

    Lipa’s US-based team headed over to the Digital Kids’ Summit for an intensive look into kids’ tech innovation.

    September 2016

    Digital Kids’ Summit, taking place in sunny San Francisco on September 13-14, was all about helping businesses tap into the potential of the connected modern family, through research, media strategies, and of course, kids’ entertainment experts. This 2-day event was attended by our US advocates, including Jayne Clare, who co-founded the Summit. Read more

  • Startupnight Berlin Chose Lipa!

    Startupnight Berlin Chose Lipa!

    Europe’s biggest startup event picked 160 out of 400 applicants to exhibit at their Berlin expo–and Lipa was one of the winners!

    September 2016

    Startupnight may only last the night of September 3rd, but we have a lot of plans: Executive Director Martin Schejbal will be presenting at an interactive Q&A session with spectators, and later we’ll exhibit our newest products, which include our soft-launched interactive books and our 2017 EduTech conference in Prague. Read more

  • Press Start for Europe

    Press Start for Europe's Biggest Games Fair

    We geared up and enjoyed a full-on experience at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany between August 17-21!

    August 2016

    Gamescom is not only for gaming fanatics, but for businesses who want to enjoy the full-scale B2B section of the event. While there, we met with potential partners, exhibited our latest products, and made use of the new “Family & Friends” area where children and their families enjoyed the latest kid-friendly games-like ours! Read more

  • Shanghai Brings Us Joy

    Shanghai Brings Us Joy

    The ChinaJoy entertainment expo is where we’re going to be in July, 2016!

    July 2016

    Invited by the influential business development agency CzechInvest, we flew to Shanghai for one of the biggest technology expos in Asia. We presented as well as showed our products to Chinese industry experts, taking us a step closer to reaching Chinese families. Read more

  • Building the Lipa Team

    Building the Lipa Team

    We refreshed both body and soul and spent an amazing evening in the exquisite Apple Museum.

    June 2016

    Touring the Apple Museum not only inspired us with tech innovation, but it proved the right venue for team bonding at Lipa – along with our special guest Jayne Clare from Teachers With Apps. Together, Lipa and Jayne forged a partnership to spread Lipa’s vision to the U.S. market. As Jayne puts it in her post, Lipa wants to do for education what Apple did for technology! Read more

  • Saving the Environment One Mobile at a Time

    Saving the Environment One Mobile at a Time

    With the Remobil program, we took the initiative to help keep destructive mobile phones from ending up in our Earth’s landfills.

    June 2016

    It’s important to spread environmental awareness whenever we can. That’s why joined up with Remobil, a local NPO, to help eliminate waste from used mobiles and electronics. We collected 76 mobiles and 9 kilos of electronics to be recycled. We earned a special certification for Social Responsibility and we couldn’t be prouder. Read more

  • End of May – Children

    End of May – Children's Day!

    Celebrating Children's Day with fresh-made Lipa games has become something of a tradition.

    May 2016

    Beautiful places in Prague – Náplavka and Petřín – come alive with children's laughter as Lipa presents Lipa Wizards, Lipa Theater, and Lipa Band along with face painting and magical experiments everyone can try.

  • What the Kids Want

    What the Kids Want

    The Kids Want Mobile! – says the name of an innovative conference we attended in Berlin.

    May 2016

    A great international conference taking place in the heart of Berlin, The Kids Want Mobile specializes on digital products for kids. There we presented our system and met industry experts, attended keynotes, and took away important insights for the future of Lipa. Read more

  • In the Sandbox at M.I.T.

    In the Sandbox at M.I.T.

    Two of Lipa’s educational experts trek to Boston, U.S.A. to make a statement at the Sandbox Summit!

    April 2016

    As we travel to the world-renowned campus at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), we’re meeting with important media groups involved in toys, education, kids’ tech, and non-profit, and giving a presentation about our big statement: how we plan to change the future by changing education. Read more

  • Lipa Across the Pond

    Lipa Across the Pond

    Silicon Valley is known as the technological hub of the world – and we’ve just opened a branch there!

    February 2016

    Our new branch office is located at RocketSpace, a renowned company that’s helped entrepreneurs like Uber, Spotify, and Weebly create the perfect ecosystem for thriving on the market.

  • Lipa Band and Lipa Wizards Go Global

    Lipa Band and Lipa Wizards Go Global

    Our newest apps can now be enjoyed on Apple devices everywhere!

    February 2016

    We’re celebrating the global launch of our two newest apps, Lipa Wizards and Lipa Band on the App Store. Lipa Wizards is a two-player game that brings families together in play. Lipa Band boosts creativity with action levels and free play for a musical tour around the world.

  • The Casual Connect 2016 Adventure

    The Casual Connect 2016 Adventure

    Lipa set out to Amsterdam to defend an Indie Prize nomination for Lipa Theater and Lipa Wizards.

    February 2016

    Casual Connect is a global conference held each year that helps games industry people make connections. We attended from Feb 16-18 at Beurs Van Berlage in Amsterdam, exhibited our Indie Prize-nominated apps and presented about our journey as a small startup.

  • Brand New Brand

    Brand New Brand

    Get to know the all-new Lipa with even broader horizons and bigger impacts!

    January 2016

    Lipa now comes in fresher colors, providing even more holistic childhood development products than ever before. Along with our new logo, discover a revamped website and take a closer look at our 8 new learning areas created by our educational specialists!

  • Educators Come Together at BETT

    Educators Come Together at BETT

    We journeyed to London for one of the biggest educational conferences in the world.

    January 2016

    Throughout the exhibition, Lipa stood out as one of the few providers of original and useful content. We attracted educators from all over, who enjoyed trying our apps. We also made some great connections with other developers.

  • Lipa Theater Is the Chosen One

    Lipa Theater Is the Chosen One

    Children's Technology Review Announces Lipa Theater as the Editor's Choice.

    January 2016

    The judges at Children's Tech not only celebrate Lipa Theater's representation of ethnic groups, but also its high-quality creative experience any child would adore. Along with Editor's Choice, it received an "A" grade – one of the highest on the site! Read more

  • Talking Money<br> in Tel Aviv

    Talking Money
    in Tel Aviv

    The 5th Mobile Monetization Summit left Lipa with precious business insight.

    December 2015

    Our business development team travelled to Tel Aviv, Israel with minds wide open and pencils ready. After a day full of inspiring meetings with potential partners, we're better equipped to reach out with our product! Read more

  • Experience Lipa in Your Language

    Experience Lipa in Your Language

    We’re reaching around the world with products localized into 9 languages!

    December 2015

    As of December 2015, our newest games – Lipa Pirates, Lipa Pirates Race, Lipa Wizards, Lipa Band and Lipa Theater – are available in 9 languages, and the number keeps on growing.

  • Now Available on Amazon and Windows Phone

    Now Available on Amazon and Windows Phone

    Accessing Lipa is now easier than ever – we're on all platforms!

    November 2015

    There's no more waiting for your favorite Lipa products to be available on your favorite platform. We've got iOS and Android covered, and have just added and optimized our presence on Amazon and Windows Phone. Get Lipa your way!

  • Educational App Store Gives Lipa Theater 5 Stars

    Educational App Store Gives Lipa Theater 5 Stars

    When serious experts give a kids' app 5 stars, they mean business – Lipa Theater is a game-changer!

    November 2015

    Lipa Theater is making waves in the field of education. Judges at The Educational App Store, who recommend kids’ apps to parents, have given Lipa Theater 5 stars: “It is … simple to use and yet offers such rich possibilities for unleashing creativity.” Read more

  • Lipa Theater Launches on the App Store

    Lipa Theater Launches on the App Store

    Our newest app, Lipa Theater: Story Maker, can now be yours!

    November 2015

    A story maker app that inspires creativity, Lipa Theater is our latest contribution to children’s development. It boosts imagination and brings families together to make the stories they want come to life. Get it now available on the App Store!

  • The Lipa Adventure Club Begins

    The Lipa Adventure Club Begins

    Join the club! Lipa creates a weekly gathering for preschoolers to learn skills for life!

    October 2015

    Led by a native English speaker, our Adventure Club lets children enjoy equal shares of Lipa's real world activities, relaxation with music, and an exploration of Lipa's learning apps, while helping them gain important skills for life – academic, interpersonal, and much more.

  • Balefire Labs Recommends 7 Lipa Apps

    Balefire Labs Recommends 7 Lipa Apps

    We're receiving accolades like wildfire – or should we say, like Balefire?

    October 2015

    Balefire Labs, much like us, believes that high quality instructional apps can help children learn and develop skills they’ll need as adults. Which is why we’re honored that our “big fans” featured 7 of our apps on their site, recommending them to parents! Read more

  • Children

    Children's Day in Prague – Gameday 2015

    We're introducing local kids to our fresh-from-the-oven Lipa Pirates!

    May 2015

    We’re preparing to get our play on with our best critics: children! At a day-long event in Prague, we’re presenting our apps as well as fun activities to not only let families see what we’re doing, but get some helpful feedback along the way.

  • The Launch and Featuring of Lipa Pirates

    The Launch and Featuring of Lipa Pirates

    Now on the App Store, arrrr Lipa Pirates is featured in multiple countries.

    May 2015

    Available in both English and Czech, Lipa Pirates invites you to join Captain Brickbeard's crew on a treasure-hunting adventure that teaches you all about shapes! Build your ship, solve puzzles, and battle your foe! It's all yours now on the App Store!

  • In the Media with Microsoft

    In the Media with Microsoft's Daily Edventures

    In an interview with Microsoft, Lipa CEO Tomáš Bárta explains how to make education an adventure.

    May 2015

    As Bárta tells it, Lipa is all about promoting a life-long love of learning. During this interview, Bárta traces out Lipa's roots, what we stand for, what we want to accomplish, and why this company will change the future of education. Read more

  • The Lipa Preschool is Born

    The Lipa Preschool is Born

    We're excited to extend our system to the heart of children's early education!

    November 2014

    Since we're investing in our own Lipa Preschool, we plan to implement our personalized learning system to help benefit local children and get the honest feedback we need to make their experience even better. Read more

  • Common Sense Media Features Lipa Train

    Common Sense Media Features Lipa Train

    Lipa Train, an all-around favorite, gets another fanbase at Common Sense Media.

    August 2014

    A renowned US portal for children's educational products, Common Sense Media, featured our science app Lipa Train. As kids help the train navigate complex tracks, they learn how to predict direction and sharpen attention. No wonder it’s loved!

  • Lipa Reaches 100,000 Downloads!

    Lipa Reaches 100,000 Downloads!

    Our 12 lovingly-created apps are played all over the world!

    May 2014

    It’s a huge step for a small startup to reach 100,000 downloads in just over a year – that means we’re on the right track! We’re honored to have such a big fanbase that enjoys learning new skills the Lipa way.

  • Fairytale Triumph: Lipa Knight Launches

    Fairytale Triumph: Lipa Knight Launches

    Our very first story-driven app debuts on the App Store.

    May 2014

    Our brave knight teaches kids all about the science of shapes. Build bridges across dangerous lands and collect your knightly gear to reach the cyclops' lair. Lipa Knight is now on the App Store!

  • AppySmarts

    AppySmarts' Favorite App is Lipa Eggs

    AppySmarts is smart when it comes to choosing favorite apps like Lipa Eggs!

    February 2014

    Appysmarts is dedicated to finding the best free and discounted apps for children. They not only loved the humor, fun, and overall concept of the app, but they praised its ease-of-use and unlimited creative mode. Lipa Eggs also got the Editor's Choice award!

  • Rolling in the Good Reviews

    Rolling in the Good Reviews

    We’re feeling the love from 148apps and PappasAppar with their favorable reviews!

    February 2014

    With a 4/5 points from 148apps and 5/5 stars from Sweden's app reviewer PappasAppar, it looks like Lipa Train is not only picking up delicious fruit – but some truly delicious reviews, too!

  • GSMA Mobile World Congress

    GSMA Mobile World Congress

    Joining the network of mobile world leaders.

    February 2014

    The GSMA congress brings together mobile leaders from around the world to discuss projects, make connections, and unite nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem – and we’re one of them!

  • Lipa Apps Become kidSAFE® Certified

    Lipa Apps Become kidSAFE® Certified

    kidSAFE® Seal Makes Lipa Apps Officially Safe for All Kids!

    December 2013

    kidSAFE® provides strict guidelines for any developer making products for kids, to make sure they are safe and age-appropriate. After close inspection, we received the seal of approval, marking all our apps officially kid-friendly and kid-safe!

  • 8 Apps on App Store and Google Play

    8 Apps on App Store and Google Play

    Celebrating the global launch of our 8 learning apps on both iOS and Google platforms!

    November 2013

    Lipa Zoo, Eggs, Bear, Train, Frog, Dots, Pairs and Lipa Gateway have entered the global market via App Store and Google Play.

  • Lipa Eggs For the Win!

    Lipa Eggs For the Win!

    And the ECGBL Award goes to... Lipa Eggs!

    October 2013

    At ECGBL (European Conference of Games Based Learning) in Portugal, Lipa represents Lipa Eggs as best educational approach and wins third place!

  • A Visit to Silicon Valley

    A Visit to Silicon Valley

    Lipa CEO Tomáš Bárta travels across the globe to spread the word!

    July 2013

    During his visit, Tomáš Bárta makes important connections and gets the attention of major brands like US MAC, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung.

  • The Big Test

    The Big Test

    Alpha versions of our first games are tried out by our customers.

    May 2013

    We're off to first ever using testing day at Foxik Preschool in Prague, where we'll test our range of apps with our valued critics. We want to make sure each child has the best experience possible before we release a new app.

  • We

    We're Seeing Dots

    Happy Dots is the first app published by Lipa Learning.

    March 2013

    Connecting the dots has never been this exciting. Discover mysterious scenes that need to be revealed, and use your dexterity and curiosity to find familiar objects and animals.

December 2012

The Journey Begins

A group of 32 enthusiastic product designers, graphic artists, and programmers get to work, bringing our dream of revolutionizing education closer to reality.