5 Movies About Kids You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

I based my selection of movies on a couple of criteria: those which had a strong emotional effect on me, and those which raised many questions and taught me something. And most of all – I really enjoyed watching them.

17. 05. 2018


Is Homework a Good Idea? And Is It the Right Question to Ask?

The wave of media and public interest in the compulsory nature of homework in schools has taken the Czech Republic by storm. Should we have no choice in the matter, should we do it voluntarily, or abolish it? Solid arguments exist both for and against all of these options. In truth, however, there’s no right or wrong answer. Every child is an individual with individual needs, so we should be asking different questions altogether.

19. 04. 2018


Three reasons why kids should spend more time outside

When I look back at my childhood, spring used to be an adventurous time full of expeditions. We roamed around the neighbourhood with my friends, discovering the “wilderness” hidden behind the houses and yards. Today, children (especially those who live in the city) don’t spend much time outside anymore. Maybe it’s because places where children could play independently and without supervision have become scarce? There are also concerns about child safety, which is why it’s very rare nowadays to meet a group of unsupervised children playing outside. It has also become a trend that parents organise their children’s free time for them. Some parents may think that wandering outside is a waste of time for their child and that it’s better to send them to a drama class. So why should children spend more time outside?

18. 04. 2018


Are Two-Year-Olds Ready for Preschool?

How early is too early to sign your kids up for preschool? Are two-year-olds ready for it? Data exists supporting both sides of the argument, but making sense of it can be intimidating at first. In this case, it’s better to approach the topic from a different angle: there’s no universal truth for each and every child.

17. 04. 2018


Easter Celebrations with Kids

Being brought up in a Christian school, I understood Easter as being a religious holiday that celebrated Jesus Christ rising from the dead after his crucification, but I didn’t know anything about Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny. Today, we see that these have become a prominent and inseparable part of this holiday, but to many of us it’s still a mystery how bunnies, chicks, colorful decor, and eggs have anything to do with the celebration of Easter. Here’s what I found out.

17. 04. 2018



Bullying isn’t new. But just like how our technology has evolved, bullying has evolved. Thanks to our always-on mobile technology and our nature of sharing everything online, cyberbullying is the new trend. Cyberbullying is becoming the biggest online concern, already affecting about 35% of children worldwide.

15. 04. 2018


Clean your Mind—No Soap Required!

The habit of good hygiene isn’t just about washing your hands and brushing your teeth. We believe that a clean body should go hand-in-hand with a clean and calm mind. Don’t worry, you don’t need any soap or toothpaste to scrub your mind. Just relax, take a deep breath and read on . . .

14. 03. 2018


Children and Technologies

Television was once the newest technology in our homes, and then came videos and computers. Today’s children are growing up in a rapidly changing digital age that is far different from that of their parents and grandparents. When technologies are used wisely, they can support learning and relationships in amazing new ways.

22. 02. 2018


Women in Science

Women have always been a part of the scientific world, but their careers weren’t regarded as positively as the careers of men. Even now, there are many scientific fields where women are underrepresented, even though the number of women and men in the population is balanced. There are multiple reasons for this.

09. 02. 2018


Divorce: Dos and Don'ts When It Comes to Kids

Divorce is a very difficult emotional issue and a huge psychological stress—both for parents and for children. Moreover, the child hasn’t developed any defence mechanisms to process emotionally difficult situations or changes yet. Much depends on how the parents themselves behave during and after the divorce. From then on, children have to learn to cope with the situation. Here are some basic tips that we as parents should avoid as well as some other practical advice that should be taken into account to help our children adjust to the new reality.

18. 01. 2018
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