Take Your Tablet for a Walk

Connecting real life experiences with content provided by digital technologies can be a truly innovative and fun way to spark children’s interest in nature. Since nature is never constant and changes all the time, it’s exciting for kids to explore these changes with the help of fun features provided by technology.

11. 10. 2019


Getting ready for primary school

It's finally here! Holidays are ending and soon your preschooler will be going to primary school. Maybe you’re excited about your kid going to school; but maybe you are anxiously thinking about how your little one will cope. How can you prepare for such a thing? I am sure you've practised how to hold a pencil and maybe even bought various exercise sheets for preschoolers. That's definitely a good move. But I believe the most important preparation of all is the mental one. And that doesn't concern only kids, but also us – parents.

16. 08. 2019


Who's Afraid of E-Books?

I'd like to start by stating that I love paper books. I've always loved their smell and how their pages rustle when I turn them. But aside from reading paper books, I've grown to like e-books. I can download many of them onto my tablet or e-reader, so I can even take them on a long journey without compromising space in my backpack. I also like to read interactive books and listen to audiobooks with kids.

24. 07. 2019


How to experience a truly wonderful holiday

Lately I’ve often heard that the holidays are no longer the same as they used to be when I was a kid. Such complaints might be caused by nostalgic memories - the grass back then was greener, the roasted marshmallows were crispier, etc. Naturally, lots of things have changed. For example, there’s a much wider array of children's activities nowadays and we also tend to organise kids’ free time much more. Despite all this, I think we can still find more similarities than differences. Just like in the past, today we associate summer and holidays with things like nature, sunny days, and adventures. And that's how it should be. Research confirms what we all already know – that nature is very beneficial for our physical and mental health. And our children benefit the same way from spontaneous games and freedom during play, not from being controlled all the time.

17. 06. 2019


Getting a New Pet

Are you considering getting a pet for your child? Raising a new animal friend brings a lot of joy. However, when deciding which pet to choose, it is important to consider aspects other than your own needs and wishes. In this article, you will find interesting information about the advantages of getting a pet, how to choose one responsibly, and last but not least how to even ‘adopt’ an animal from a park or your own garden.

28. 04. 2019


Getting Kids Excited About Outdoor Activities

The generation of today's parents was the last one to grow up without internet in their pockets. As kids, in order to avoid house chores, they had to escape to the outside world. Going out was, actually, the only way how to fight boredom. But today's children have a powerful weapon: smartphones which allow them to enjoy an unlimited amount of fun in the comfort of their own rooms. We know as adults that outdoor activities are healthy not only for the body, but also for the mind. So how can we make our kids combine the pleasant with the useful without actually being pushy?

05. 04. 2019


How to Raise a Reader

Reading is a gift. Passing on the value of reading to our kids is a tribute to their life and to world culture. Books educate, teach, and help children enter new worlds, discover the unknown, and come closer to the truth or falsehood of what is known. Books arouse feelings, senses, and reactions.

04. 03. 2019


How to Help Children Make and Keep Friendships

Friendship is one of the most important values to develop in children's education. It’s personal, pure and unselfish affection shared with another person that grows and is strengthened by relationships. For a child to learn about the value of friendship, it’s necessary to develop their knowledge, skills, emotions, experience, feelings, and to prepare them for living in harmony and respect.

08. 02. 2019


Teaching Kids about the Value of Money

There are many reasons why we want our children to enjoy the latest products—toys, technological innovations, fashion, etc. Often we indulge children with things they want before we indulge ourselves, sometimes we defend the situations when the child is excluded from their peer group for not being ‘cool’ enough, and sometimes we want to make up for the time we didn’t spend with our kids. But when there’s a lack of money or a budget priority for some other things, it’s better to stay strong and resist our own temptations and pressure from our children.

07. 01. 2019


How to Entertain Children When They're Sick

You are at work and everything runs at its usual pace. Suddenly, the phone rings and you hear a familiar voice. Your kindergarten teacher has just told you that your little one is sick and needs to get home ASAP. So it’s more than just a runny nose after all...

19. 11. 2018
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