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Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Lipa Values

Fulfilling work
Family spirit
Continuous growth
Inspiring atmosphere
Open communication

What we offer

We don't throw newbies into uncharted territory. Our mentoring programme will help you settle into your new job nice and easy.
“A healthy spirit in a healthy body” is what we think about every time we use our MultiSport card in one of the 2500 available sport venues in Prague.
Every living thing needs to grow. That's why we will support and encourage you to participate in language courses, seminars, and workshops.
Shorter working hours (7.5 hours per day) and the option of a home office allows us to comfortably complete work.

Humans of Lipa

Jiří Vaněk

Head of Development

Jiří Vaněk takes on his leadership role meticulously, as a talented developer would. As part of the top management, Jiří transcribes his coding skills into a more general arena by helping steer Lipa in the right direction with sharp focus, attention to detail, and a deep knowledge of what it takes to develop a product successfully.

Dita Fejlová

Head of Localisation and Education

Dita’s determination, creativity, and organizational skills make her three roles as Head of Localization, Head of Education, and a member of Top Management look simple. She oversees all localization processes for Lipa, ensures the educational value of all our products, and uses her natural leadership abilities to motivate others to strive for the best.

Martin Schejbal

Executive Director

As Lipa’s Executive Director, Martin firmly believes that kids learn best through play, which is why he helped Lipa balance its digital content with real world activities so that we offer a truly holistic system that goes beyond the mobile device. He’s a parent himself and makes sure our apps are in line with what both kids and parents love.

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