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Lipa's Curriculum

Innovative, Holistic, Versatile

Our apps are designed to teach developmental skills kids need for the real world. Each app is carefully planned with our Educational Experts and is based on our holistic Curriculum. At every stage our apps are tested at the Lipa Preschool, so we know exactly what kids want from their learning experience.

Core Areas

Beyond just the academic.

The Lipa Curriculum has 8 core areas that cover every nuance of kids’ development, from social-emotional balance to environmental awareness. Each area is carefully researched and teaches skills that go beyond just academic learning, so kids grow in a harmonious, holistic way.


Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means having an active approach to maintaining and improving health, both physical and mental. This area includes exercise, biorhythm regulation, healthy diet, stress management, sleep cycles, mental well-being, and understanding one’s emotions.


Environmental Awareness

This area develops a positive attitude towards nature and a sense of responsibility for one’s environment, including energy and water conservation, recycling, reducing waste, exploring the natural world, conducting experiments, and appreciating diversity in nature.


Academic Competence

The field of Academics represents the core subjects taught in formal schools. This includes Mathematics, Science, Arts, and Language, which are broken down into different fields, such as Chemistry, Counting, Music, or Writing.


Autonomic Capabilities

Autonomic capabilities are qualities relating to self-governance, decision-making, motivation, responsibility, creativity, critical thinking, intuition, and self-acceptance. This area is closely related to social-emotional competence, helping an individual relate to themselves in a healthy way.


History & Culture

History & Culture provide explanations of “how” and “why” things happen in our world, including both conceptual theories of the universe and concrete facts about the material world, and the knowledge of different cultures, religions, beliefs, and mythologies.


Physical Wellness

Physical development is the progression of gross and fine motor skills during childhood. Various physical activity and exercise enhance these skills and affix motor memory in everyday life. This area also includes laterality, or strengthening the connection of the left and right brain hemispheres.


Hygiene & Safety

Hygiene covers effective ways to protect oneself from illnesses, like regular washing, proper food preparation and storage, and healthy daily habits. Safety covers protecting oneself in different environments, such as handling dangerous situations and strategies for seeking help.

Lipa Preschool

Learning through play.

We believe that the first five years of our lives have a crucial impact on who we become as adults. Our Lipa Preschool emphasizes our Curriculum in order to give kids the best start in life. It is also a constructive environment to gain their valuable feedback on our apps, helping us to always tailor our games to the best of their needs..

Awards & Mentions

Making impacts near and far.

We are dedicated to creating the best content possible for kids, here are some of the companies who have recognised our efforts:

All Lipa apps are certified as meeting a high standard of online safety and privacy for kids.

Lipa Theater won Editor’s Choice for its unique design and creative content.

Lipa Band received the Good App Badge of approval by leading UK app critics.

Lipa Train was approved as an age-appropriate puzzler that offers just the right challenge.