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Our System

Imagine teachers, child experts, and parents coming together with programmers, artists, writers, and idea­makers to build a system of child development that’s never been seen before.

At Lipa, that’s exactly what we’ve done:­ we’ve created an all­-around system of both digital and physical products that sends children and their parents on a mutual adventure of growth and exploration.

Here you can find out more about each of our 8 Core Curricula, as well as all the products that make up our unique system.

The Great Tree of Skills

Covers 8 Learning Areas

Lipa Preschool

Why not experience preschool
as a wonderful adventure?

Lipa Preschool

Lipa Preschool is a private Czech-English kindergarten for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years.

We use a unique curriculum tailored by experts of preschool education systems from all over the world, so you know your child will get only the best.

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Awards and Mentions

Awards & Mentions

Lipa’s first learning app to receive an award was our creative and popular Lipa Eggs. Since then, we’ve been honored at the prestigious European Conference of Games Based Learning in October, 2013, where the international community not only commended our games, but also our vision to change education.

Seals of Approval

We designed our innovative ecosystem to be far-reaching and accessible to every child, regardless of his or her socioeconomic background. Fascinating, colorful worlds will bloom for any curious youngster, anywhere. Because of this, our games have received special recognition and certifications from multiple respected sources.

  • kidSAFE®

    Certified to meet a high standard of online safety.

  • iLOL

    Best Educational Learning Apps and Games for Kids.

  • Famigo

    Seal of APProval makes it easier to find truly great apps.

  • Pappas appar

    Best apps for children, tested by children and parents.