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Lipa Knight

 Lipa Knight

Build bridges to fairytale triumph!

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Working towards: Shapes

Recommended age: 4+

 What kids can learn

In this rescue adventure, kids learn that love is more than just romance--it challenges their minds and brings out their inner scientists. Lipa Knight’s beloved Princess has been kidnapped by the Cyclops, and a valiant steed awaits--while journeying through various beautiful landscapes, your child will hypothesize and experiment with their bridge-building techniques, so that they can gallop with ease toward the Cyclops' lair.


Lipa Knight (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program This game is appy_mall certified This game is 148apps certified This game is pappas_appar certified

Lipa Knight

  • Educational value

    Object manipulation, Shape recognition, Experimentation

  • Enjoyment

    Fairytale drama, Engaging characters, Progress rewards

Lipa Knight

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