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Lipa Knight

 Lipa Pirates Race

A Speed Sailing Adventure!

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Working towards: Motor skills

Recommended age: 3+

 What kids can learn

In this speedy pirate race across treacherous seas, kids develop quick reflexes and navigation skills as they compete alongside their friends to reach the finish. Find the familiar colorful animations from Lipa Pirates with the added excitement of timed goals and fun stats to share with friends and family online. Lipa Race is a game that sharpens the mind, shortening reaction time and refining motor skills with its innovative gyroscope ship steering that feels true to life. It’s not just good for kids, but for sailors of any age!


Lipa Race is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program

Lipa Knight

  • Educational value

    Navigation, Reflexes

  • Enjoyment

    Obstacles and speed boosts, Gyroscope steering, Positive imagery, animation, and sounds, Sharable stats

Lipa Knight

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