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 Meet the People

Behind every one of our products is a series of important moments. Sudden epiphanies. Coffee-fueled discussions. Testing and evaluating. Playful interactions. Late-night realizations. Meditations. But mostly, a desire to create something worthwhile and useful. We’re people who all bring unique perspectives - some of us dance, some of us play Squash, some of us are actors, and some of us study the psychology of gifted children. And yes, some of us are tech nerds. But we share one common goal: to make a difference for you and your family.


Martin Schejbal

Executive Director

Martin Schejbal | Executive Director

Martin’s aim at Lipa is to find harmony between the virtual and real worlds. He’s always been interested in new trends relating to children’s development, and at Lipa he likes to approach these trends unconventionally and creatively, developing products that magnify the benefits of technology. His two sons (of whom he’s very proud) act as loyal testers and users of Lipa games.

Jakub Jeráček

Head of PMO

Jakub Jeráček | Head of PMO

Jakub is our down-to-earth Project Management Officer. With years of Sales and Project Analysis experience, he loves to help projects evolve from the very first concepts to the finalized product. In his free time, Jakub is passionate about wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding.

 Middle Board

Matouš Márai

Product Manager

Matouš Márai | Product Manager

From the first sparks of an idea to the complexities of stages a product must go through before finalization, the Product department leads with open minds and the know-how to get things done effectively. While they create their own fantastic ideas, they also listen closely to others’ ideas and use feedback to make the most meaningful product.

Denis Hrazdira

Art Director

Denis Hrazdira | Art Director

Lipa’s Graphics team gives shape to the Lipa characters you know and love, while our animators bring those same characters to life. By supporting and enhancing the work of one another, our Graphics team creates the magical worlds in our apps and interactive books.

Jiří Vaněk

Programming Director

Jiří Vaněk | Programming Director

Programming requires a balance of imagination and technological expertise, which is what our Development team exercises every day. Their high-tech work involves sculpting the clay of our products, coding the details that make the designers’ visions a reality.

Otakar Veleba

Research Analyst

Otakar Veleba | Research Analyst

Because data changes so frequently in our fast-paced world, Research Analysts have a difficult yet fascinating job that includes evaluating possible outcomes, gathering insights about our target group, forming solutions, connecting outlines of information about the market to form an understandable shape that we can use to enlighten future decisions - and many other skills only a Research Analyst could do.

Tereza Švecová

HR Specialist

Tereza Švecová | HR Specialist

We rely on our skilled Human Resources team to bring the best and brightest talents into the Lipa family. Our HR department consists of specialists who create meaningful connections between our staff, clients, Advocates, and people all over the world who are interested in what we do.

Sumudu Perera

Business Development Manager

Sumudu Perera | Business Development Manager

Just as our other departments work to create the products you love, our Biz Dev specialists apply the same passion and determination in growing Lipa as a business. Their goal is to form partnerships with those who can contribute to our cause, attend the best conferences, stay up to date on trends, and forge a path ahead to make Lipa the strongest company it can be.

Jitka Fořtíková

Education Specialist

Jitka Fořtíková | Education Specialist

Our Education experts are equipped with the credentials needed to understand each lovely nuance of children’s early years’ development: from the way kids first remember words to how their heartbeats react to different kinds of music. Our experts invest their knowledge in all our products, giving us the developmental basis for our unparalleled system.

Dita Hývlová

Head of Localization

Dita Hývlová | Head of Localization

Because we aim globally, the Localization Department focuses on bringing Lipa’s products to you, no matter your language. Localization is much more than just translating – it’s an in-depth, precise process with creative writers, voice-over artists, and organizers who work on every single game. Lipa’s in-house recording studio and worldwide team make this process more fun and efficient. Thus far we have 14 languages available with many more to follow.

Lenka Fialová

Head of Brno Branch Office

Lenka Fialová | Head of Brno Branch Office

During her time as a developer in the Prague Headquarters, Lenka helped create many of Lipa’s products and is now lead developer of Lipa’s interactive books. When the Brno branch office opened she found the perfect opportunity to assemble and lead a new team of developers. She loves working on Lipa’s interactive books since she’s a big fan of children’s fairy tales.

img-Lipa Consuls

Lipa Consuls

Making up a solid network of like­minded people who add value to the Lipa cause, our Consuls act as branch offices in their respective countries and help to spread the word about who we are and what we do. They contribute by localizing our products into their native languages, and conducting research about particular markets. Consuls are included in our product feedbacks and offer perspectives from various cultures and backgrounds, which is essential to our goal of outreach and accessibility.

img-Lipa Advocates

Lipa Advocates

All over the world, special people are truly making a difference in the lives of children. These exemplary individuals, whether through teaching or helping the less fortunate, leave footprints of hope with their dedication to spreading opportunities for education. By using our children’s games as educational tools, our Advocates alter the boundaries of possibility for the young learners they work with.